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Red cap tubes, with red safety caps to indicate this type of blood collection tubes not containingany additive in the test tube, are used in serum biochemistry, blood banks and serology related tests.
Processed with special treatment, Orsin vacuum blood collection tubes, either glass or plastic, caneffectively avoid blood cell attached on its inner wall and reduce the in vitro hemolysis of specimen tothe greatest extent, so as to guarantee more accurate test result.  

The Basic Functions of Serum Blood Collection Tubes

1. To collect peripheral venous blood enough for the serum required in test. 
2. Within the specified time, to process it into blood coagulation and extract complete serum or platelet poor serum under the force of centrifuge.
3. Within the specified storage period of specimen, to guarantee no variation or pollution to the biotic and chemical composition of serum. 

The blood collection tubes meeting the above functions include the three types of additive-free, clot activator and separation gel/clot activator (respectively
red cap, orange cap and yellow cap).

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