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Purple cap tubes use EDTA salt as anticoagulant. ICSH (International Committee for Standardization in Haematology) recommends using EDTA.K2, which is given higher anticoagulation efficiency, stronger stability and relatively closer ph value with blood. The unique imitated life film treatment on its inner wall can effectively maintain the active stability of platelet. The application of micro atomizing technology has lowered the hazard of platelet loss and blood coagulation caused by platelet adherence and gathering. And the rigorous particle pollution control technology has completely eradicated the impact on test result caused by particle pollution.  

Whole Blood Collection Tube

In clinical blood tests, some use flowing blood as specimen, with no need to separate out plasma or cell. The blood collection tubes suitable for such tests are
called whole blood collection tubes. The advantage and disadvantage of whole blood collection tubes in clinical application depends on the volume and state of cell
maintained by anticoagulation system. Among them, the most representative ones are purple cap tubes. In addition, there are black cap tubes for blood sediment-
ation tests and dynamic blood sedimentation tubes.        


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