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Blue cap tubes, using 0.109mol/L sodium citrate butter system for anticoagulation, theaccurate volume ratio between anticoagulant and blood in 1:9, and with strict requirementson blood collection tubes. They are mainly used in blood coagulation testing. To reduce the activation of extrinsic blood coagulation mechanism caused by the material of test tube, blue cap tubes have unique stress film treatment on the inner wall of test tube. The application of stable anticoagulant technology can strictly control the limit of microorganism, soas to ensure the continuous stability of products.

Plasma Blood Collection Tube

Plasma blood collection tubes are those used to collect plasma specimen in clinical blood testing. As plasma is obtained by removing the cell from uncoagulated bl-
ood, it is classified into the types containing free calcium and not containing free calcium. Besides having fibrinogen and anticoagulant, plasma containing free calcium is
not quite different from serum in ordinary testing. Therefore, in clinical biochemical laboratory, the specimen in this type of blood collection tubes is often used instead of
serum. The commonly used plasma blood collection tubes include green cap tubes containing heparin sodium salt or lithium salt, blue cap tubes containing sodium citra-
te buffer system, and grey cap tubes containing NaF-EDTA composite anticoagulation system.

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