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We are manufacturer of vacuum blood collection tube, which strictly enforces YY0314-2007 and ISO 6710:1995 with advantages of domestic and overseas products. Our products have its own intellectual property and unique features.

Raw Material of High Quality:
1. Glass vacuum blood collection tube: made from glass tube with high boron and thickened bottom, which is of good impact resistance. The tube will be of no breakage when falls from 2-metres high to the ground.
2. Plastic vacuum blood collection tube: made from modified PET tube which is of high air resistance, excellent biocompatibility, long time vacuum protection, easily burning and environmental protection.
3 Addictives: All be of AR level; heparin lithium and EDTA3K are imported material.
4. High purity butyl rubber closure: good air resistance, long time vacuum protection; no desquamation when getting acupuncture and no needle clogging.
5. Serum separating medium: fine synthesis of latest high-tech materials, of high inertia and no harm to blood constituent; complete separation of blood serum and blood corpuscle.
6. Highly active coagulant: fast blood coagulation, and much serum separation, which can get centrifugalization within 15 minutes in 24 oC room temperature.

Advanced Technique:
1.Consummate tube cleaning: no free radical adhered to tube wall, tube orifice without blood too.
2.Tube inner wall is even when getting bio filmed, and of right thickness with low friction coefficient. It is almost the same as inner wall of blood vessels physiological status, causing little damage to blood constituent and making the result to be closer to the actual physiological or pathological status.
3.Adequate solution compound and application of sample: rational proportion of blood and addictives will guarantee the adequacy of result.
4.Reasonable negative pressure setting and holding: constancy and accuracy of blood collection quantity.

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